Monday, 1 August 2011

The Squires - Going All The Way b/w Go Ahead (Atco Records - 1966)

In the 60s garage genre, there are certain records which define reason and simply become the best in the genre, the 45 which I am going to write about in this blog post is one of those monsterous 60s American garage 45rpm records which simply blow away a great many in the similar vein.

The Squires formed in 1965 Bristol, Connecticut and the rest is history. New England is home to my favourite of the regional garage styles, many factors are the reason for this, the weather, the closeness to the UK and the barren landscape, also the fact that New England was a pretty middle class place to grow up during the 60s. The British Invasion's presence is found in abundance in the New England region and Bristol, Connecticut is no exception, especially in the case of The Squires.

Originally formed as The Rogues, the band later changed their name to The Squires (pretty much because almost every Garage band was The Rogues) .

The Band were -

Michael Bouyea - Guitar, Drums, Vocals
Thomas Flanigan - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Kurt Robinson - Organ
John Folcik  - Bass 

As everyone who know's me knows.... the day I received Pebbles Volume 2 in the post was a very important day for me, as it pretty much exposed me to a music of which I am still totally obsessed with almost 12 years after originally playing that compilation on my then highly battered record deck.

Both sides of The Squires 45 was featured on the aforementioned compilation and thus became ingrained in my subconscious as being the pinnacle of 60s American Garage Punk.... I to this day am in awe of both sides of this 45rpm and base my own music around it, I have yet to create something which I feel is of equality to these two sides (any time now I will create such trauma on record myself)

So rather than bore you to tears with my own reflections of this 45...I'll cut to the chase and post both sides - The two tracks below are two of my own personal faves in the garage idiom... I still long for this 45, having narrowingly missed it on Ebay a number of times already, however it will be in my possession one day though, it'll be a sin not to own it.... Both tracks relate heavily to my life and seem to be more apt now than ever.... so please ENJOY these cuts.

Paul Messis

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  1. this is my favourite, or at least among my top ten singles of the 60s. hadn't heard the amazing b-side until norman blake played it in a dj set one time. don't have the single either, only the crypt compilation lp, which is hard to find in itself!