Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Carthays - Betty-Jo b/w So Bad (Tag - circa 1961/62)

As an avid fan of a stack load of music, there often comes times when certain records or even a certain piece of music, which when purchased and/or listened to for the first time creates a magical tour-de-force within the soul of the listener, the record I am writing about in this blog post is a prime example of one of those moments for me.

The 45rpm record in question is a Doo-Wop record by a vocal group called The Carthays, the tracks are the A-side 'Betty Jo' and the B-side 'So Sad'

I found this record in a tiny little record shop in Addlestone, Surrey.

I have not been able to find any information at all on this group, so I have no idea where these cats were based geographically, information is so sparse that I don't even really have a clue which year this 45 was official released, however I am cracking a guess at circa 1961/62  from my knowledge of the genre.

If anyone who was involved with the group or knew the group and could shed some light on this missing information that'll help out tremendously, please contact via the 'comments' below.

This 45, particularly the flip-side is very important to me, sometimes certain music sends you to places in your memory banks and for me the track 'So Sad' certainly is one song that conjures up a wealth of fond memories and feelings, such impressions include the moment I purchased the record and listened to it on that very rainy day about 5 years ago to the moment me and a friend listened after spending the day together last year, blissed out on the autumnal vibes of our local area sat in my room and dug the grooves of this and a few other similar 45's.

That for me is the magic of records and for that I have to honour this scarcely known and mysterious 45 in my collection by writing a blog about it.

Please find below; both sides available to have a listen to (underneath my crudely taken photographs).

I hope you've enjoyed the beautiful vocal harmonies emanating out from this page.

All The Best


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