Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Spectrum - How You Satisfy Me (Silvertone - 1991)

During my teen years, I was the biggest Spacemen 3 fan going, I purchased every record the band released and followed the band members' efforts post-Spacemen 3, I was even fortunate to become friends with a couple of the members over the years.

Spectrum was formed by Pete 'Sonic Boom' Kember during the demise of Spacemen 3 in around 1990, after releasing a solo album as 'Sonic Boom', the Spectrum project began as a means for Pete Kember to continue his 'drone' minimalism and take music to new and spaced out heights and highs.

After a handful of one-off releases plus his debut solo effort, the first official release for Pete Kember's new band Spectrum was a great introduction to a band if there ever was one and was the first offering from the bands debut album 'Soul Kiss (Glide Divine) released the proceeding year in 1992. 'How You Satisfy Me' is in my mind possibly the best single of the 90s, it is one of the only songs I know which fuses many different genres of music into one song, there is German Krautrock a'la Neu! influence, 60s Garage influence, Punk influence, Psychedelic influence not to mention the main organ riff was nicely ripped off from an Evie Sands track called 'I Can't Let Go' (originally by The Hollies).

Spectrum 7" and LP packaging was always pretty cool, the 'How You Satisfy Me' single came in clear vinyl with a really hip clear plastic op-art sleeve featuring a cool image of the band, I think this sort of packaging is pretty cool and more bands today should put more imagination into their record sleeves... If I ever do another 45 myself, I am gonna look into doing a sleeve like the one above (top pic).

Below are sound clips of the 7" - I have included the vocal version of 'Don't Go (Please Stay)' originally on the US version of the bands  'True Love Will Find You In The End' single as the versions featured on the 'How You Satisfy Me' single were two instrumental takes of the song.

Dig the single...

How You Satisfy Me

Neo-Psychedelic drone fest with Krautrock leanings, you can't get any cooler than this during the 90s, seriously!!!

My Life Spins Round Your Every Smile

A truly wonderful piece of experimental soundscape mind tripping music, this piece of music is a great interlude between songs, Sonic Boom is a genius when it comes to making soundscapes such as the one above. What I love about this is the way it ebbs and flows not too mention I love the title of the song, it evokes a wealth of thoughts when listening to the music.

Don't Go (Please Stay) - vocal version

A hypnotic and chilled out track with a great vocal line (even though it was taken from The Cryin' Shames' Please Stay)... how great is the lyric "Be Different, Please Stay, Don't Go).... What I have always loved about this is the use of the words "Be Different"... I will likely do a post about the Joe Meek produced 'Please Stay' by The Cryin Shames at another date.



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