Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Try-Angle - Writing On The Wall b/w Coming Home (Orlyn Records - 1967)

As a keen record collector in particular that which falls under the genre 60s garage, I am always on the quest to find the perfect 60s 'garage' 45rpm single, that one piece of wax which defines the genius noise made by middle class mostly white teenagers during the mid 60s, there are a great many of these amazing slabs of vinyl to be found and that for me is the magic about this type of music.

The Mid-West regions of The United States are in my opinion the geographic locale which produced some of the finest 60s American teen beat groups it also produced some of the greatest records ever committed to tape. The record labels started in  this part of the US after the assailment of 'The British Invasion' are also highly regarded to legendary status and the label in which this 45 was released; 'Orlyn' is considered (amongst fans of the genre) to be a label which released a high calibre of quality 'garage' 45s between 1965 and 1968.

One such band on this label who also released one of its most scarce records were Try-Angle, Try-Angle were located in a town called Franklin in Indiana.

According to the band's Facebook page (where the above pic was taken from)  The band members of Try-Angle included the following people.

Les Tabeling 
Bill McCarty
Harold Mckee
Cal Werner
Tony Rinehart

I am unsure if the above names are the exact guys who recorded on the bands only release - 'Writing On The Wall b/w Coming Home' put out on the exceptionally rare and synonymous Chicago based garage label 'Orlyn' in 1967.

My chances of owning this piece of wax is pretty slim as the asking price for this record exceeds the $1,000 mark and known copies are limited in number, I have no idea how many copies exist but I can imagine not many are in rotation outside the realms of known collectors and band members.

Musically this 45 is the pinnacle of what 60s garage punk is for me, tracks such as the ones on both sides of this 45 have influenced my own music tremendously... I will leave the music to speak for itself underneath the pictured labels below.

Thanks goes to Mark Taylor for sound clip files and label scans from his personal collection.

Enjoy Folks

Paul Messis


  1. "Writing on the Wall" is a truly great track! I just came across it via the Gravel Vol. 2 cd.

    I'm really enjoying your blog and the 3 Paul Messis 7"s I bought after The Higher State show in Edinburgh recently.

    cheers, brogues

  2. Brogues.

    Thanks for digging the blog man.

    I remember you buying the 45s, sorry for my mathematical confusion, I was so tired, we'd all been up very early.

    The Try-Angle record is my favourite in the garage genre.

    Thanks for mentioning us on your own blog.