Thursday, 18 August 2011

Meat Whiplash - Don't Slip Up b/w Here It Comes (Creation - 1985)

East Kilbride a dreary post-modernist industrial wasteland located south-east of Glasgow in Scotland, mostly known for being the home of  noise purveyors 'The Jesus and Mary Chain' also sprung from it's womb and spewed out into the world another bunch of leather clad feedback drenched hipsters who went by the name of 'Meat Whiplash'.

'Meat Whiplash' took their name from the b-side on post-punk band's The Fire Engines  1981 released Candy Skin 7" single (I will write about this at a later date).

Following on from the success that 'The Jesus and Mary Chain' displayed with their iconic debut single 'Upside Down', Creation Records owner Alan McGhee signed this bunch of misfits and released their lone release; the genius two-sided single Don't Slip Up b/w Here It Comes.

It was released 6 days before my birth and thank god it was released cos it was a well needed shot into the arm of a totally Squaresville Conservative-raped United Kingdom, records like this gave hope that things were going to get much better, much cooler and much more noisier.

The 7" single came in a cool picture sleeve featuring the image of actor Robert Vaughn and was printed by Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream.

The Band were - 

Paul McDermott - Vocals
Stephen McLean - Guitar
Edward Connelly  - Bass
Michael Kerr - Drums

Although Meat Whiplash's career as a band was short-lived their legacy continues, not only cos they released a killer single of high indie esteem, but also because they were responsible for inciting a riot at one of the most infamous gigs of the last 30 years.

On March 15th 1985 at North London Polytechnic, The Jesus and Mary Chain plus Meat Whiplash and The Jasmine Minks were meant to play music to a bunch of students and what in turn happened was World War 3 - a legend was created. According to historical account just before Meat Whiplash's set was meant to begin one of the band members slung a wine bottle into the audience creating a mad rage amongst the totally un-hip losers in the audience and whilst the band started to play their set, idiots from the crowd flocked upon the stage and physically beat the band up as they tried playing their music, by the time the group finished and got off stage it was time for the 'Mary Chain' to play, which of course they couldn't because by this point the squares in the crowd were in full-metal riot mode and unleashing all hell and fury on everything around them, including the members of the bands themselves and their equiptmen; This gig has gone down in Rock 'n' Roll history as being a legendary gig.

In 1987 Shop Assistants singer Alex Taylor joined the band and they changed their name to 'The Motorcycle Boy'.

And so we must end this post with the music from Meat Whiplash's sole release.... Enjoy

Don't Slip Up

Here It Comes

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