Friday, 26 August 2011

Lyn & The Invaders - Boy Is Gone b/w Secretly (Fenton Records -1966)

Fenton Records is my favourite label in the garage genre, almost every 45rpm single released from the label is a work of pure genius, I will likely write more about other 45s from this label, as I consider them all in such high regard.

Fenton Records had it's own recording studio facility called 'Great Lake Recording Studio' based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the sound on all the recordings made at 'Great Lake Recording Studios' has such a wonderful production sound and quality, as a musician myself I have tried very hard on my own recording to replicate this production sound, because the sound on most, if not all of the 'Fenton' releases are opulent jewels in terms of their sound production.... I can't explain it really, but to me it's a great work of art.

I am also really into Girl-Groups of the 60s and love the whole bubblegum appeal many of these girl groups had, I think a great deal of songs from the era sung by girls were pretty powerful and ultimately pretty cool.

The Fenton label had it's share of girl groups, but the best by far was the female-led group 'Lyn and The Invaders' who cut one absolute killer single on Fenton in 1966. (Although not stritly a Girl-Group per sá, I feel this 45 can be forgiven)

I adore the A-side cut of the single (I have never heard the B-side) however the plug side 'Boy Is Gone' is a great minor-key garage number which screams total Teen-Drama, these are the songs I really dig, the ones about break-up and loss, I have a leaning towards these type of song, especially when they are played with such intense conviction as Lyn and The Invaders are playing with on their song.

Lyn and The Invaders were -

Linda 'Lyn' Nowicki - Vocals
David Bergsma - Guitar
Bob Phillips - Drums
Denny De Cook - Guitar (possibly not on 45 as he left the group)
Fred Munch - Organ
Doug Pollak - Bass

Enjoy the Track!

Boy Is Gone



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