Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Meadowbrooks - Seems Like Only Yesterday b/w Time After Time (Catamount - 1965)

The onset of melancholia has hit me hard today and with it has come a wave/flood of musical emotions and memory, the record above is being posted, due in part to these feelings of melancholy and sadness.

The record above, The Meadowbrooks - Seems Like Only Yesterday b/w Time After Time is possibly one of the most beautiful 45s both musically and in appearance released in the mid-60s.

The Meadowbrooks were a white doo-wop vocal group who recorded songs in an acappella vocal style. Their label 'Catamount' were based in New Jersey which means that they too were likely from around this region too.

Catamount formed in 1964 and released a handful of great acappella 'only' doo-wop vocal styled 45s until 1966, most of these 45s were released on coloured vinyl, which during the 60s was a huge novelty, The Meadowbrooks' 45 came in a really wonderful scarlet red vinyl as pictured above.

The Meadowbrooks had two 45s released on the Catamount label during 1965, I'm unsure if they ever had any other releases.

What I particularly dig about The Meadowbrooks is that amidst The British Invasion and the wave of garage bands that occurred during that time in America, these kids stayed totally true to the earlier doo-wop sounds and recorded possibly for me one of the most beautiful records of the mid 60s, the record is completely in-keeping with the doo-wop traditions which came almost 8 years prior. This record in particular I feel has the tenderness that moody garage band 45's have, it also has a real and truthful honesty that only 60s girl-group recordings had at the time and that is a pretty special thing to me, that tenderness is what music is truly about for me.

I used to enjoy sharing this song with a friend of mine who seems like an eternity away from me at the moment, I only really have songs like this to reflect on the period of time we shared together and this 45 is one of the one's which cement the emotions for me.

These songs mean more to me now than ever, because the sentiment attached to songs seem more feasible and real now.

Enjoy the beauty of this acappella 45 below.

Seems Like Only Yesterday

Time After Time


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