Monday, 18 July 2011

Oscar & The Majestic's - No Chance Baby b/w My Girl Is Waiting For Me (U.S.A Records - 1966/67??)

Oscar and The Majestic's were a pretty hip band from Indiana during the mid-60s, they for me created one of the most delightful fuzztone monster 45s in the 60s garage genre. In fact all of Oscar and The Majestic's tracks had lead guitarists Oscar Hamod's infamous and unique fuzz-tone trademark all over it.

I am however only going to be brief in my post today, I wanted to highly one of Oscar and The Majestic's 45s which is my favourite - No Chance Baby b/w My Girl is Waiting For Me.

Oscar and The Majestic's consisted of - 

Oscar Hamod - Lead vocals and fuzztone guitar
Sam Hamod - Bass guitar and vocals
Bob Wheeler - Rhythm Guitar
Vince Jakim - Drums
Bud Hamod - Drums (on 45 written about in this post)

I've been playing 'No Chance Baby' a great deal over the last few days, purely cos I guess that it relates to my own circumstances in life at the moment. I admit currently I am getting worn down heavily by a few of the girl's around me in my life at the minute, they are driving me totally insane, doing my head in completely. 

I guess the frustration and pure anguish of how a female can mess around with a guy's mind is fully expressed in this 45 particularly the track,  'No Chance Baby'

The fuzz guitar snakes throughout the song like a salamander and the lyrics full of heart break, frustration and angst with lyrics full of 'I'm fucked off attitude' I really love the lyric, "Inside I feel like crying, I've almost given up trying!!!".... I guess this is how I am currently feeling too, what the hell is the point in existence when you have poisonous women constantly coming and going in your life??

But they sure as hell make it interesting?? I love girls, but geez do they know how to get my blood boiling!!!

Enjoy the track!!!

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