Friday, 10 June 2011

The Vietnam War In Pictures

In this world the only things which make any sense are the things which are usually black and white, often when things are black and white the message is usually understood and the point is delivered.

One of the acts in society which often has an abundance of black and white realism attached to it, is the act of War.

War is NEVER a good thing, especially  wars with no  real enemy?

The recent wars in the middle-east  are not a new story (or new type of warfare) by any means, the said story is a sickening one where innocent men, women and children are being murdered and sacrificed for horrible and pointless causes, causes which ultimately profit no-one or nothing except the Capitalist greed machines, the Western Governments, The Media and the banking and oil cartels. These savage tidings of war are not old nor will they ever change for the better. You have to understand that Wars make the fat cat imperialist richer whilst confused young men kill children and help smuggle Heroin across borders for their countries' so-called freedom and pious pride, people are dying whilst these suited business men are safe in their ivory castles as the dollar and pound signs build up in their accounts and the rest of the world subsequently suffers.

One of the more stupid and pointless wars in history aside from the recent war in Iraq or as I like to call it 'The Invasion of the Middle East' was the war in Vietnam; a reign of terror which lasted from 1955 - 1975, almost twenty years of confusion, bloodshed and murder, a war where two sides managed to lose equally as bad as the other and the loss of lives for both sides was extraordinary.

For the Americans many young men, who had futures ahead of them perished whereas those on the other side were simple families who lived off the land; many families were killed, there was no enemy, there was no communist threat, there was nothing!!! Yet human lives were totally tossed aside and wasted away?? for what?? Vietnam was a pointless war where many people died, and just like the recent war in Iraq, was totally irrelevant and unnecessary.

The Vietnam War for me is something I am highly interested in for a number of reasons, I would like to honour these reasons by putting a few pictures of Vietnam up on this blog, I also wish to honour the millions who died during this tragic war. Some of the images may cause you distress, they continue to cause me distress and upset me quite deeply, however they are important and I feel represent the message I am trying to portray here.

As I said in the opening sentence to this blog post.... Black and White is where the truth lies, the pictures below should relay the message I am trying to convey.

War Sucks, it's as simple as that, the troops on the battle field know that, the families at home know that, even the politicians know it, yet we still send young men to act on behalf of a cowardice elite who would rather murder than mediate.

Seek Peace!



  1. I was a child born into this war thus automatically made enemy of the US and spent my childhood evacuating US bombs.I was blessed to not get blown to pieces by the bomb dropped into the pond behind my family's residence. Now I do often wonder what did my people do to the US to get such horrific war from US, and so soon after our 80 years struggle to rid the French. Humans are so cruel!

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