Monday, 20 June 2011

The Optic Nerve - Like It Was Before (1985)

My friend Marty turned me onto The Optic Nerve last year, I had just gotten out of the bath, I was preparing to record a session myself that day, I think it may have been my own 'Time Will Tell' session and Marty goes "Hey Paul, you'll dig this, it sounds kind of like you and I feel you'll love it"... the album in question that day was the album pictured above, The Optic Nerve and their brilliant  long-player 'Lotta Nerve'.

I will do a blog post on the history of 'The Optic Nerve' and their albums at another time later on.... Right now I however just wish to make a post about one of their songs and write about it, purely because I feel the song is totally genius and one of their best songs, it's my favourite song from the tracks I have so far heard of theirs.

'Like It Was Before' is an amazing track, it's not on either of the bands two albums and is only available on Youtube, it is a live recording of the group from an infamous New York music venue called 'The Dive' way back in 1985 (the year of my birth).

Basically I dream of one day writing a song like this and admit that this song has influenced me greatly with my own music, it's perfect folk-rock styled garage punk, the mood and vibe is totally heart felt and meaningful, it's a personal song and I guess relates heavily to my own frustrations and mood at the moment, this song has been my 'song' of 2011, purely because the vibe of it reflects so much to me and my life, heartache ain't too fun, but you have to just deal with it I suppose?? thankfully there are others who get it and write hip songs like this.

I really dig the lyrics in this song.. "I think about you all of the time, both day and night you're on my mind, I wonder if you feel the same? but lately you don't even know my know!"

The desperation and urgency in the deliverance of this song, is true, raw and heartfelt.... I really dig it!!!

Bobby Belfiore is a genius songwriter and The Optic Nerve are amazing players, I guess as a group of musicians, I wish I can have a group the same as these guys one day.

Enjoy the track and please be sure to check out more of The Optic Nerve, they really are one of the most underrated bands of the 80s, if not ever!!! 

Paul Messis


  1. Nice post on The Optic Nerve, Paul. I've been digging these before you were born... 'Leaving Yesterday Behind' is another essential 45 of theirs. It's scheduled to be blogged on my site soon.

    I wrote about The Optic Nerve back in 2009 but at that time never uploaded MP3 files.

  2. Hey Colin,

    Yeah Man, they are a top group, I really dig them and what they were about.