Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Introduction - Welcome To The Transparent Radiation Blog

Hey Folks,

Welcome to Transparent Radiation, this is my new blog site which delves deep into exploring and expressing some of the things which I love.

Transparent Radiation will be a web based resource for all things relative to music (mainly), art, literature, society and culture which I enjoy and like. I am going to be writing the blog in a personal and down-to-earth manner expressing why I like the various things I am posting about and what they mean to me and my life and thus I hope that in doing so I can turn people onto an abundance of cool things.

What is Transparent Radiation? I hear you ask?

Well, for me Transparent Radiation is what the Internet is all about, a mass of invisible energy hitting the soul, perception and psyche of a person without them even really knowing, sensing or seeing it; Transparent Radiation isn't feasible, it just IS, it's all around you and all within you, it's the vibrations you pick up from people, the way a shade in the sky makes you feel, it's what I attempt to do in all my creative outlets, be it my own music (which some of you may know?) for an example or even what I am writing here on this blog, I hope overall that the small bit of Transparent Radiation that comes from me will go to you and in turn shared to another and so on and so forth, may it in turn make you want to have a go at doing a blog yourself, or writing a song, or buying a record or book and then spreading that knowledge.... who knows??... tap into it and see what and how it makes you feel... it's kinda neat.

Transparent Radiation itself was a song written and recorded by 60s psychedelic Texas based group 'The Red Crayola' and featured on their debut album 'The Parable of  Arable Land' released in 1967 on the infamous International Artist label, however  for me personally I was first introduced to the song via Spacemen 3 way back in my early teens, it's an important song to me and was a mainstay during my formative years of teenage frustration, subtle recreational drug experimentation's and summer times which were actually enjoyable and pleasant (whereas now for me at least, they are just a huge goddamn bum-trip)

So here goes.... take a deep breath... welcome aboard my trip... enjoy the ride!


Paul Messis

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