Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Intruders - Now That You Know b/w She's Mine (IT Records - 1966)

When the day comes and I win the lottery (or somehow come into the cash), I swear one of the first things I'll be purchasing will be an original copy of this tremendous double-sided 60s garage 45.

In my opinion this record is one of the best ever releases in the 60s garage genre, both sides are absolutely amazing pieces of music, the 45 is a total killer, the A-side 'Now That You Know' with its beyond genius garage-folk jangle and the B-side 'She's Mine' with its ear breaking fuzztone guitar and snotty attitude.

The record even came in an uber-cool picture sleeve as pictured below (how cool do those guys look?)

The Intruders formed in Pittsfield, Illinois in 1964 and went through a number of line-up changes before they cut this amazing double-decker of plastic.

The line-up of the group who played on this genius record were the following guys.

Doug Oakley - Lead Vocals
Bob Evans - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Bill Mobus - Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Larry Lemons - Bass Guitar
Jeff Hallows - Drums

Thanks to 'Spinthegroove.com' for allowing me to know the names of the band (for more information on this band go to the aforementioned website)

Now we come to the music.... I just want to say that this lone 45 by the Intruders heavily influenced my own 'Time Will Tell b/w When You Pass Me By' 45, purely cos I wanted to get a jangler A-side and Fuzzy B-side.... The A-side 'Now That You Know' is a very important song to me, as it expresses many words I myself can't speak, but also is a huge influence on me musically.

'Now That You Know' is an amazing piece of song writing and features jangley 12-string guitar and amazing lyrics about love's rich abandon, the song is total teen-drama in the 60s garage fashion, I love the innocence in this song and it perfectly fits the zeitgeist of the times.

The song features an amazing 12-string guitar solo and riff and also a lovely driving bassline throughout, the song-writing craft is perfect, the drums sound lush and the lyrics are simply wonderful featuring amazing yearning and questioning in the lyrics such as...

 "You know when we started babe, you had me on a string? Now I think it's time we parted babe, you don't mean anything, What are you going to do, now that you know that we're through?"

The B-side 'She's Mine' is a piece of primitive Kinks-like wonderment (however not as genius as the A-side in my opinion).... this is a typical 60s styled rocker of which a lot of garage fans from around the world would prefer over the flip? (It's a matter of taste I guess)  

'She's Mine' is an angst-ridden track with Maestro fuzztone  all the way through, the song is typical of it's style, the lyrics are fierce as the lead singer Doug Oakley warns off any other guys who may come anywhere near to his girl... "SHE's MINE!!! stay away from my baby" Oakley yells in an ever cool manner.

I kinda dig the sound of the rhythm guitar in this track and love the straight forward drums.



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  1. I used to play this album out over and over again. that was about 20 years ago. I wasn't sure if I was digging it so much because I truly liked the music or if I just thought I did because my dad was the drummer. it is pretty awesome I must say. cool to hear from a fan of them