Thursday, 9 June 2011

Mad Comic Covers

Anyone who is stuck on the fringes of society should recognise the smiling face of the boy above, why yes it's only Alfred E Neuman, the boy mascot of cult American satirical comic book magazine 'MAD'.

'MAD' was launched in 1952 by editor Harvery Kurtzman and publisher William Gaines, heavily rooted in leftist ideals, 'Mad' magazine is lovingly accepted by the few who hold a disdain towards the mass culture which through the ages included and continues to include such tripe as politics, celebrity culture and vain entertainment culture. The magazine humorously attacks this majority using the art of humour, parody and satire.

I personally feel that 'MAD' magazine is the best form of ironic humour still left in society and for me is a brilliant form of anarchy waving earnestly right in front of the faces with whom it attacks and condemns, it is amusing purely because the said "victims" (to use a phrase lightly) don't even 'get' that the magazine is taking the piss and busting their balls.

'MAD' magazine will always be there as the annoying brat who continuously annoys the hell out of the Big Brother.... that will ALWAYS be a good thing to have in a crazy society like the one we live in.

Please see below some of my favourite 'MAD' covers, the cover art usually is the best form of attack and these ones are certainly to the point in more ways than one, my personal favourites are the Michael Jackson and George DUBYA Bush covers.

above are three copies of Mad that I own.

Enjoy Folks

Paul Messis

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