Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Jimmy Witter & The Shadows - AAAAAHHH!!! b/w If You Love My Woman (Elvis Recording Co.- 1956)

The year was 1956, the location was Nashville, Tennessee and from this location came forth one of the meanest 45rpm moments in the rockabilly genre. Jimmy Witter with his group the Shadows cut two killer sides which make the above record a real holy grail amongst rockabilly and instrumental music record collectors.

Jimmy Witter later became a well-known radio disc-jockey for WALT in the 60s by the name of Ron Hart.

Young Jim's genius however lies solely in this 45 that he cut for Nashville based 'Elvis Recording Company' in 1956, the label didn't last long as would be expected and was shutdown after this release as Colonel Tom Parker felt that the record label was capitalising on his boy-wonders' name (which they obviously were).

I'm unsure what side was the A-side or what was the B-side.

But the track I wish to highlight in this post is the monstrous instrumental screamer aptly titled 'Aaaaahhh!'.

The track begins with a menacing trio of twangy guitar, tough bass and monotone on the beat drumming, making it a hell of a mean song, an instrumental like this would have set any red-blooded males frustrations higher. The track is unadulterated teen-frustration and primitive snarl in music, only interrupted by the pulse tingling scream which Jimmy Witter let's out mid way through the track. Any mad man, teenage boy, pissed off person can relate to such a scream.

Dig it...

The 45 is a pretty rare one amongst collectors and has reached as high as $400 on ebay in the past.


Paul Messis


  1. Paul, my name is Jimi Witter. I am the Son of Jimmy Witter, and I appreciate your kind words about my Pop. He totally enjoyed making music and DJ'ing. It was his life. He cut several more 45's and has recordings under his pseudoname, Ron Hart & The Harts. He blew his brains out in 74 in our living room the week before Christmas, "the result of a broken heart from my completely batshit mother. I really miss him, even 40 years later. I lived with my grandparents who died when I was 13. I lost all my family's history, pictures and bags and bags of memorabilia as a result. I ended up on the street, scared and truly alone. But I have a wonderful family now, and we have all been excited piecing my Dads history together. I have almost all of his original 45 recordings. Alot of people are making bootleg copies like the Grey edition that are crap!! Please, everyone, buy the real thing. I dont get royalties and don't think some assholes in the UK and elsewhere should profit off of stolen material. They even stole my own words off of my blog to describe their wares, word for word. I have a terminal liver disease and won't be around much longer. Please everyone, out of respect, Do Not Buy Bootlegs of any artist's work. Thanks again Paul for your killer description of Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Peace, love & rockabilly forever!!!!!!!

  2. Jimi,

    It is a real pleasure, I am glad you found my blog and dug my words about your Dad's work.

    I am not lying the story regards to your dad and also your own story has saddened me and given me melancholy.

    I agree there are a bunch of pricks here in my native UK making bootleg copies of hip 45s, I do not like it, I am a musician myself and can only imagine how it must feel for some of these older musicians when they don't make any money from their own music.

    Jimi take care of yourself and go easy


  3. Hi Jimi! To begin with i am are a really big fan
    of Rockabilly music and of course the 45-rpm your
    father made on Elvis records in 1956! I am also sad
    about both your fathers and your own life story.
    I am about to buy what the seller say´s is the original
    first pressing from 1956 of the Jimmy Witter 45 on Elvis
    but i am not sure! I don´t want to buy any repro i just
    want the real thing. Do you know any good thing to check
    if it is an original? Thank you and best regards Ake from Sweden.