Wednesday, 15 June 2011

'Full Of Love & Full Of Wonder' by Nick Savvas

As a child, I used to have a morbid fascination with Bouncy Balls, I would often be like some feral animal bouncing them with all my strength into the ground and watching them fly at break-neck speed high into the sky above me, the strange myriad of colourful images reflecting in the sky. I also used to try and bounce said balls from my back garden over my child-hood home to the front of the house, where it likely hit on-coming traffic, old people or windows.

I was browsing the internet and found this set of delightful and mind-boggling images of a fab art installation from a few years back by an Australian artist by the name of Nick Savvas, his piece entitled 'Full of Love and Full of Wonder' fuses together in art what can only be described as my current psychedelic mindset and vivid memories of my childhood all into one visual pleasure. Nick Savvas also uses metaphysics as his theme. The bouncy balls are supposed to represent the atoms in which the universe, planet, me, you and your pet cat are all made from.

Enjoy the pictures of the installation and also let your mind, like mine, drift off back into your childhood and beyond!!!

Below the pics I have included a Youtube video featuring the opening section of Juan GarcĂ­a Esquivel's classic and amazing Latin-Esque LP.

Enjoy CATS

Paul Messis

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