Friday, 2 September 2011

The Shaynes - From My Window b/w I'll Always Be (Pee-Vee - 1966)

The attractive group of fella's above are responsible for creating one of the greatest existential masterpiece's of the mid 60s. The Shaynes were a group native to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, for me they created a piece of 'outsider' music history when they wrote their genius ode to teen confusion and frustration; 'From My Window'.

Pennsylvania was a state which put out a great number of great and genius 'garage' band recordings, my own theory being that location wise it is trapped between The Mid-West and New England, so subtle influences from both these regional scene's combine together to create a really powerful and hip style of 'garage' music.

I am a big fan of records coming out of PA and New Jersey, for me it was a region that excelled in creating the perfect sound.

When I first heard this song years ago, it floored me, these kids seemed to have tapped into my mindset not only via lyrics but in the urgency of the music, the frantic  reverb guitar, the drums, the nervously played bass guitar, the minor-chord patterns, the haunting organ throughout.... a work of utter genius.

It is a moody garage tour-de-force of the highest magnitude and I would say it is personally one of my top 10 favourite records of all time.

The Shaynes were a popular group in their hometown and had three 45s (which all sold pretty well) released on the Pee Vee Label. Pee Vee was a record label which put out mainly doo-wop, teen-beat and progressive rock (in later years), the label operated between 1964-1974.

Take a listen below to the genius which is... The Shaynes 'From My Window'.



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